I believed I could fly


I feel on top of the world. I believe I could fly. I look around and see the horizon all over around. I stare and wait for my reign to flare: in madness, desease, in pain. I see it flare bright and shine. I hold my breath to see my world in flames, out of the corner of my eye.

Deep inside my mind, the time rewinds. I see my life flying away. I see each time I wasted dreaming of you, right by my side. So close, so far, right at the reach of my own hand.

I still feel your fingertips drawing circles all over my skin. Your lips, so sweet, rolling over every inch of my desire. Ice and fire. I just wanted to fly higher. But I never did.

Now my mind is clear, on top of this high hideout. Now I see how life keeps passing by and time never returns, even if you never grasped your last chance.

I am here on my own. And I believe I could fly. I believe I could soar. I have understood the meaning of life, the meaning of love. I see the beauty of this life landscape. The calm sea is out of reach. The far lush woods in colourful lights. The sun is slowly coming up, so shy so proud. I want to give in but I shan’t give up. All this stunning bliss is blinding my resolutions to fly.

I believe I could lie. Make myself agree that I still stand a second chance. Believe that I can hold up my urge to fly.

I close my eyes, full of peace, hope and faith. I take a deep breath and… Jump!

I believed I could fly. I am happy that I dared to try. Even if it was only a dream. I wake up. I still feel the breeze cherish my skin, tucked up and cosy in the comfort of my brand new life.

Garth Stevenson – Flying


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