Can I buy you a drink…?


I had been wandering about in this big city for a few years already, after travelling through different dimensions in time warps. Nevertheless, I knew you can never escape from yourself, no matter how much you try. I had escaped from wars and dispair, sorrow and pain, leaving a few hard lives behind. I am a warrior of time, a warrior of life.

Life seemed hasty in this big city, but I had managed to find peace and calm. I found you, as expected, in the right place at the right time. You looked stranded in the middle of nowhere. Lost in a crowd of people. Surrounded by silence. Caught in a time lapse. I stared at you for a second. ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ I said. My voice seemed to bring you back to life. I knew you were also running away, even if your body would not move a single inch and your feet were stuck to the ground, as if you were holding a huge weight on top of your back.

We looked around and the world froze out for a moment. We knew at once that the city was about to crash down above our heads. I grabbed you hand and I screamed: ‘Run!’

A wormhole opened up right by my side. Out of the blue, a blackout lit up. I dragged you through the hole. And we hastily disappeared in time.

We travelled in time for a while, through dreams and space. We talked of love and life in our minds. No sound, no voice. Just the heat of our bodies and our blood. Your skin wrapped up all over my skin. Your mouth fighting mine. Our sexs struggling one inside each other’s. Desire turning fire inside out. We travelled in time, making love to each other, grabbing a second chance. Discovering every piece of our torn hearts. Finding reality in our fantasy. Lighting fire where we thought there was only ice. Your desire aroused mine. But it all only lasted a minute. Enough for a catch-up.

A blinding explotion brought us back to real life. Our hands tied tight parted apart. Surrepticiously, we walked away from each other amongst the crowd. So long, my love! I blew a kiss goodbye. A new dimension. A different place. A different time. I knew I would find you soon again, beyond sorrow and pain. I knew we would meet again sometime somewhere. Because we are warriors of time, warriors of life.

Sia (cover by Anchor&Bell) – Elastic Heart


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