Can I buy you a drink…?


I had been wandering about in this big city for a few years already, after travelling through different dimensions in time warps. Nevertheless, I knew you can never escape from yourself, no matter how much you try. I had escaped from wars and dispair, sorrow and pain, leaving a few hard lives behind. I am a warrior of time, a warrior of life.

Life seemed hasty in this big city, but I had managed to find peace and calm. I found you, as expected, in the right place at the right time. You looked stranded in the middle of nowhere. Lost in a crowd of people. Surrounded by silence. Caught in a time lapse. I stared at you for a second. ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ I said. My voice seemed to bring you back to life. I knew you were also running away, even if your body would not move a single inch and your feet were stuck to the ground, as if you were holding a huge weight on top of your back.

We looked around and the world froze out for a moment. We knew at once that the city was about to crash down above our heads. I grabbed you hand and I screamed: ‘Run!’

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